How Much Do Veneers Cost: Prices for Every Veneer Variety

How Much Do Veneers Cost: Prices for Every Veneer Variety

Chapter 5

A new chapter of our guide about veneers begins now, the second-to-last chapter. After talking about veneers in the first chapter, their types, the procedure of veneers, and the side effects, you may be wondering now about veneers cost. We know you probably even skipped one chapter or two before coming here! We don’t advise that but we understand. The veneers cost depends on many factors: from the country you undergo the procedure in, to the materials, to the place you get them (hospital, private clinic, etc). Usually, the price refers to a single dental veneer, so a veneer for one single tooth. Saying prices vary from 100$ to 2600$ may not be helpful if not put in perspective. If you care about affordable prices you may want to pick a country offering lower prices or you may pick a lower quality material. Lowering the quality may lower the standard of care and require more touch-ups or redoing the veneer often paying for additional veneers. You may also consider Insurance Plans, Insurance Policies, and a payment plan, for example, monthly payment plans, but these may be tricky and not easy to get. We will discuss this too. Let’s dive into the veneers costs and fees for every single type of veneers.

How Much Do Veneers Cost Per Tooth?

So let’s go into details and talk money. If you want to get dental veneers how much are these dental services going to cost you? What are the price differences based on the type of material and which are the most common materials? The most expensive tend to be Zirconia of E-Max veneers cause they are of the highest quality and technology and tend to last long, being a long-term investment. The cheapest options are the resin-based composite veneers but they tend to have a shorter lifespan and break extremely easily, requiring additional veneers in the future and additional procedures. These seem to be affordable as far as upfront costs but expensive in the long run. To be noted, these prices vary extremely because they consider prices of different countries, different clinics, and hospitals, different taxations, etc. Let’s see how much do veneers cost per tooth:
Material or Type Min. Price Max. Price Future Expenses
Composite Resin Veneers 100$ per veneer 600$ per veneer Yes, replacement often
Porcelain Veneers 130$ per veneer 2300$ per veneer No, longlasting
E-Max Veneers 180$ per veneer 2500$ per veneer No, longlasting
Zirconia Veneers 190$ per veneer 2600$ per veneer No, longlasting
Lumineers Veneers 190$ per veneer 2750$ per veneer Yes, some replacement
Custom Clip-On Veneers 1000$ per arch 2500$ per arch Yes, replacement often
Partial Veneers 90$ per veneer 150$ per veneer Yes, some replacement
Non-Custom Clip-On Veneers 30$ both arches 300$ both arches Yes, replacement often
Same-Day Veneers 200$ per veneer 3000$ per veneer Yes, some replacement

What Is The Average Price of Veneers?

If we want to know about the average price of veneers without considering countries, types, or any other contributing factor we can say the average price is:
  • Porcelain veneers:1200$
  • E-Max veneers1300$
  • Zirconia veneers1400$
  • Composite veneers350$
  • Lumineers veneers1500$
  • Same-Day veneers1600$
These are average costs comparing prices from all over the world, comparing different brands and different clinics. This should help just get an idea. At Dentfix we offer extremely advantageous and affordable prices. For a free consultation get in touch with us here!

How Do Lumineers And Veneers Compare In Terms Of Cost? 

Lumineers are more expensive compared to traditional porcelain veneers. Even if lately prices seem to be going down for Lumineers they still maintain a higher price tag compared to regular veneers. When it comes to veneers the price range is about 190$ to 2600$ for every veneer. Also, due to the fragility of lumineers, you may need to redo this treatment in about 5 years. This is the main side effect of veneers and in particular of lumineers.

How Much Do Partial Veneers Cost?

Partial Veneers are one of the types of veneers a few people know about. They only cover part of the natural tooth and this is why they’re cheaper than the full veneer on the entire tooth. They can cost from 80$ to 1500$. Not everyone offers this treatment and most people just prefer getting the full veneer applied.

How Much Do Snap-On Veneers Cost 

Snap-On veneers are a mask for your teeth and are a cheap option compared to individual classic veneers. The price varies and it usually is just for one arch. So the top and bottom arch are paid separately. So, how much do Snap-On Veneers cost? They can go from a minimum of 500$ per arch to a maximum of 3500$ per arch. This, of course, is influenced by the country, the dentists, etc. If you’re getting both upper and lower arch it can cost you from 1000$ to 7000$.

Why Are Veneers So Expensive?

You may be wondering why veneers are not the cheapest of treatments and why they may be expensive. There’s not just one answer to that. There are many. So let us go into detail for you:
  • Quality of Materials: It’s not easy to create something incredibly thin, wafer-thin, and extremely strong at the same time. This means dentists and labs will need to work only with the highest quality materials. The most aesthetic and long-lasting materials tend to also be the most expensive. Cheaper materials tend to crack easy so you will have to replace them often and end up paying twice, thrice, etc.
  • The Dental Lab: when you pay for dental facets you’re not just paying your doctor, you’re also paying for the dental lab. The lab is in charge of creating your veneers and will take part of the veneer’s price. This doesn’t count if there’s an in-house lab but this is highly unlikely.
  • Technology: veneers are created with the highest technology and this requires expensive machines and materials and expert people creating these facets.
  • Dental Work: the dentist will need two appointments and a lot of work to prepare your teeth for your new veneers. This takes time and it’s part of why the veneers may seem to be expensive.
  • Products Used: starting from the disinfectants, to the dental cement used, to every material or tool needed, quality products are expensive. This shows in the final product of the dental procedure.
  • Doctor’s Experience: an experienced and qualified doctor will have a higher cost than an inexperienced one. This is how it is in every single field, so if you want a quality safe experience and a good doctor in cosmetic dentistry you may notice an increase in price.

Are Veneers Worth The Cost?

How much is a beautiful perfect smile worth? That’s up to you to say but we can say with no doubt that if you want a beautiful, aesthetic, and custom-made smile that’s gonna cost money. When you think if they’re worth it think about 3 factors:
  • Durability: good veneers will be with you for a long enough time, so you won’t need to repay the same amount of money yearly. Usually, you won’t need to replace them for 10-15 years, sometimes even 20+. This makes it an investment in yourself and on your happiness and confidence.
  • Quality: veneers are sometimes expensive because of the quality of materials used to make them last for a long time. Of course, higher quality materials will cost you more but will also assure you on no need to go to the dentist every few months for replacements, procedures, etc.
  • Investment: you should consider veneers a long-time investment in yourself, your happiness, your oral health, and your teeth. You won’t need to go every 4-5 months for whitening your teeth, for fillings, for checkups on damaged teeth, for cavities, etc. You will need some cleaning once or twice a year, that’s it! And, you know, you need those anyway.
  • Aesthetics: How much is a confident smile worth it? This is for you to decide but it’s for sure worth it more than hiding your smile, never smile in pictures and be afraid to show your teeth.
So, to summarize, it’s up to you to decide if your smile is worth the investment but we think you’ll be thanking us once you get your new veneers and wish you did it earlier!

Frequently Asked Questions For Veneers Prices

We collaborated on this part with our fantastic team who takes care of our client in person, on phone, and via e-mail. They make our patients feel safe and worry about them constantly. We asked our team what are the most frequently asked questions about veneers and prices. Who better to know which one they are? So, in this section, we will answer all your most asked questions about veneers prices. Let’s start!

Does Insurance Pay For Veneers?

The dental facets treatment is considered an elective or cosmetic treatment. This means it’s for aesthetic purposes and there’s no medical necessity for you to get it. Even if it has so many benefits for your dental health, it’s still considered not a necessity. This means your Dental Insurance, or Health Insurance, probably won’t cover your veneer treatment. But, of course, this also depends on the type of contract you have with your insurance. If you can convince them this kind of procedure is beneficial for you and a medical necessity, they may agree to pay a small part of it. It’s highly unlikely they will pay for all of it. As far as medical tourism goes, you won’t be able to have the treatment covered with any type of Health or Dental Insurance.

Can You Pay Veneers Monthly

If you feel like you can’t pay for your veneers all in one session you may be wondering if you can pay veneers monthly. There are two distinct answers to this question. If you get veneers in your own country, you may ask your dentist if they offer an option to pay monthly, maybe in collaboration with a bank. This is not unheard of, especially if the dentist is part of a big group, a chain of dental clinics or if he’s friendly with you. If you decide to travel abroad for dental medical tourism, this may be more difficult. Foreign clinics can’t offer you a monthly payment because of different countries, different banks, and the gigantic commission you’d have to pay to transfer monthly money to another country. But if you still want to pay for veneers with monthly instalments you may ask for a loan from your bank and pay it back to them however you decide to.

Can You Get Veneers For Free?

Unless someone is kind enough to gift you this treatment, this is highly unlikely. The veneers are considered an elective or cosmetic treatment, not a preventive or a medical necessity. For this reason, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find a government health system willing to just pay for them or offer citizens free veneers. If you live in a country requiring health insurance, and in particular dental insurance, you will have problems convincing your insurance provider veneers are a medical necessity. Insurances don’t cover elective or cosmetic treatments. If you are lucky enough to convince them, they may cover just a small fraction of the cost, never the full treatment.

Can I Claim Against My Dentist for Broken Veneers?

You can make a claim against your dentist if your veneers are broken or ruined early after the treatment. However, this can prove tricky. You have to make sure to prove the breakage was caused by an underwhelming job, for example, bad quality, bad installation, bad materials. Veneers can break because you didn’t take good care of them or continued with your bad habits, bad hard, sticky, or crunchy foods, or because of an impact or trauma. At Dentfix we don’t have anything to worry and we don’t want you to worry. This is why we offer a warranty on our veneers, get in touch with us to learn more about it!

Where Can You Get Best Price on Veneers?

If you want veneers but you’re concerned about prices you may want to avoid lowering the quality of your treatment. Lowering the quality will have cost in the future that will make you wish you never picked that type. So what do you do? You may of course consider medical tourism as an alternative to get a lower price on the highest of qualities. Get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to give you a free and personalized quote on your veneers!

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