Can you get veneers on small teeth? Yes, you can!

Having small teeth in regard to height or width affects one’s smile, facial structures balance, and confidence. One of the most common and frequently used options is to have veneers on small teeth. Generally, veneers are attached to the anterior surface of the teeth, covering any cosmetic imperfection underneath.

Now let’s dive deep into the details.

Is it possible to go from small teeth to big teeth with veneers?

Dental veneers can address a wide variety of problems caused by small and misshapen teeth. One of them is to make teeth not look bigger but also increase their size. This is possible due to the fact that dental veneers are custom-made materials designed and created for each patient individually. The cosmetic dentist evaluates the situation thoroughly and prepares the veneers according to what a patient requires.

Small teeth have a greater impact on the patient’s facial characteristics than you can imagine. They play a crucial role in determining the jaw position and the lip support, besides the aesthetical impressions it causes. 

How is it done?

 There are three main steps for this cosmetic treatment.

  • Initial consultation
  • Preparation
  • The application process

Firstly, you should find a dentist who is experienced in cosmetic procedures and is reliable enough to carry out such a precise practice. During the consultation, the dentist examines your teeth, discusses the best type of veneer for you, and the treatment plan is agreed upon. In the preparation stage, a thin layer of tooth enamel is shaved, an impression of the tooth is made to create the custom-made veneer, and the patient will leave the office with temporary veneers until the next visit. For application, the patient goes back to the dental clinic and gets the porcelain veneers on their teeth. These veneers are attached to the tooth surface by specific bonding agents and strengthened by a special lighting technique. The Dental veneer procedure on small teeth is completed.

Porcelain veneers for small teeth are to improve the beauty of the patient’s smile and overall facial harmony therefore there are designed based on the color of the patient’s teeth so that they match perfectly with their original teeth, giving a natural-looking result.

Are veneers on small teeth permanent?

When patients see the final result and the perfectly balanced smile, they often ask ” are veneers on small teeth permanent?”

Yes, the dental veneers for small teeth are permanent. Whether for small or misshapen teeth or any other cosmetic flaw, any type of veneer that is used for dental cosmetic procedures is permanent. As a thin layer of the tooth surface is shaved off, the tooth should be covered for the rest of the patient’s life.

Can I get just two small teeth fixed with veneers?

The number of veneers one can get depends on the number of small teeth that need improvements, regardless of where they are placed in the dental arches. You can get one, two, and more veneers up to ten to fix your asymmetrical teeth.

4 major benefits of veneers on small teeth

Teeth play a crucial role in facial structure and jawbone stability, and having small teeth can lead to problems in the appearance and functions of the face. Getting dental veneers on small teeth can benefit the individual in many ways, such as:

Facial features balance improvement

Dental veneers help restore facial harmony by improving the uneven appearance of teeth. They provide the lip support that small teeth failed to create. These all lead to more support for facial features and more balance.

Creating a symmetrical smile

The importance of a beautiful smile in one’s appearance and confidence is undeniable. Permanent veneers give you a perfectly symmetrical smile by addressing the cosmetic issues small teeth can cause. Veneers correct the uneven height of your teeth, as well as being natural looking and matching the natural teeth’s color.

Stronger jawbone

Jawbones’ strength highly relies on the way teeth in both dental arches meet. Uneven teeth affect the jaw position and its support for the oral cavity structures. A great advantage of veneers is to strengthen the jawbones.

Gap closing

One of the dental issues small teeth can cause is creating gaps between teeth. This not only gives an unappealing look but also has impacts on bite force distribution. Dental veneers are a beneficial treatment option that takes shorter than traditional procedures such as orthodontic treatments.

What are the complications and side effects of veneers for small teeth?

Like any other dental procedure, getting dental veneers may have complications and side effects. Let’s take a look at the most common side effect one might experience after having permanent veneers. In addition to common complications one might face after getting veneers such as tooth sensitivity, discomfort, and moderate pain, other side effects might appear when a patient gets veneers specifically for small teeth.

Speech changes

People have reported having difficulty pronouncing some words during the first weeks after the procedure Even when the veneers are correctly sized. People might experience a short period of lisping during which they have difficulty pronouncing “s” or “z”.  Luckily, they will be able to speak normally after two weeks when they are completely accustomed to their permanent veneers.

If a speech problem such as lisping occurs due to veneers being too thick or too large, you should discuss this with your dentist and ask for a solution.

Gum tissue response

It might take some time for the gum to adjust well to the veneers. Even slight inconvenience and inflammation are expected. These problems will disappear over time, and the dentist will check for signs of any gum problems during the post-procedure appointments.

Veneers being too big 

In rare cases, the veneers might feel too big for the mouth. This can be because of minimal preparation or the wrong size. The wrong length or thickness can catch the tongue and lead to lisping. Having bulky veneers can affect the bite, causing not only chewing difficulties but also a lot of other problems.

Color mismatch

If the dentist doesn’t pay close attention to the correct shade of the natural teeth, color irregularity occurs. This gives a very unnatural and unpleasant appearance. However, this is infrequent and is avoidable by choosing an expert veneer dentist.

Cost of veneers for small teeth

Veneers are part of cosmetic dentistry and therefore, they are not covered by insurance. The price range can vary based on the veneer type, but the average price of porcelain veneers per tooth is estimated to be between 900 – 2000 $ according to The American Dentistry Association. (1)

The average price for E-Max veneers varies between 950 and 2500 $, and composite veneers between 400 – 1500 $.

Veneers for small teeth in Turkey: why you should consider it?

As a country that receives around 1 million medical tourists annually, Turkey is amongst the most popular destination for dental work and especially cosmetic dentistry. Dental veneers are among the most common cosmetic procedures done in Turkey. If you’re considering getting veneers for your small teeth, Turkey is a worthy option and has many privileges that tempt you to think about traveling here.

Reasons to consider Turkey for veneers on small teeth are:

  • Affordable prices with compensating the quality: Compared to many countries such as the U.S. or the U.K. the cost of veneers for small teeth is lower ranging from 130-250 Euros for porcelain veneers, 100-200 for composite veneers, and 180 – 300 Euros for E-Max ones.
  • Experienced Dentists: When it comes to veneers, cosmetic dentists in Turkey are highly trained and consider every small detail to give the perfect smile, with a natural appearance.
  • A trip to remember: What can be a better deal than having your small teeth fixed with veneers and enjoying an unforgettable experience in the mesmerizing city of Istanbul? A budget-friendly medical trip is possible through different packages, health providers offer in Turkey.

Seems extraordinary, right? 

If you have any further questions regarding these fabulous offers in Turkey, or you require more information on how to get veneers on small teeth in Turkey, do not hesitate to ask us. One of our professional dental consultants will reach back to you in no time to provide you with the answers to your question.

Hope to see you soon!