Turkey cheap clear braces: the “mystery” explained

Orthodontic treatments in Turkey have a big voice on social media. And Turkey’s cheap clear braces are the best braces options rather than traditional metal braces, why? Turkey has thousands of international patients on vacations or business trips every year. The main reason for the visit is aesthetic concerns and dental care.

Many foreign patients come to Turkey for medical care for dental treatments like dental implants, weight loss surgeries, or plastic surgeries. Today we are going to discuss invisible braces, and answer your questions about “why they are cheap?” “Are the aligners in Turkey trustworthy?” “In case you come to Turkey, how long your stay will be?” Then, let’s take a step toward your perfect smile journey!

Why pick Turkey for cheap clear braces?

Turkey is one of the biggest spots for medical tourism destinations. So basically, you’re doing it because of the treatment costs. Many people think because of the low prices, the quality is also low. Although, in Turkey, the equipment is the same as in Europe or in the USA and the dentists are very qualified with their thorough education. This means, the quality is high and still, the treatment is affordable. 

Since a lot of people have eyes on this treatment option, is it actually a safe option for people? Is it worth the trouble to go a foreigner abroad for this?

Why is it affordable?

From the point of view of a foreigner, converting from one currency to the Turkish lira is quite advantageous.

In 2022, dental braces are 50-60 % cheaper in Turkey than in the USA or Canada. Despite the global economy, there are affordable prices in Turkey for most surgeries. Turkish medical association has put the average cost of Turkey clear braces between 2K-4K dollars. The cost of braces change according to your treatment plan.

Why is it affordable? Nothing about this is from outside, the public healthcare is advanced and prices are local. Speaking of local, it is also cheaper because the aligners are done at the lab of the office. All the computerized technology will do the job for you in no time. 

Can I trust Turkey for cheap clear braces?

Yes, in a year, thousands of people come from overseas to Turkey for dental treatments. There are plenty of clinics filled with plenty of well-educated dentists.  

It is also a roller-coaster for anxiety levels for a person who thinks of taking the first step. But once you’re in Turkey and have experienced the journey, you’ll forget why you were afraid in the first place. All of the process is going to be done with the latest advanced equipment.

Traveling to Turkey for cheap clear braces: this part is for you!

Well, going abroad to a country that’s not known for being bilingual for medical tourism is enough to cause anxiety. Chillax and rest assured that there are many bilinguals and polyglots who are ready to help you. The dentist’s offices have translators or even most of the dentists speak English.

But again, for how long do I need to stay in Turkey? Do I need to revisit the dentist again? And what if I don’t know Turkish?

How long do I need to be in Turkey?

Well, basically since it’s not like the traditional braces, the appointments and visits are a bit different, and here is how it goes.

There are no specific numbers of days that can be given out of sight. There are two appointments in the first visit:

  1. The consultation you must go through in the dental clinic to see if aligner treatment is the right fit for your situation.
  2. In the second appointment, your teeth will be scanned, and then prepare for the invisible aligner sets to be made. We use not only X-ray scanning but also 3D scan tomography to see your teeth’ density and thickness. 

Luckily, the align technology takes fewer business days to be fully done. With computerized technology, it takes almost a week for the aligners to be handed to you.

The duration of your stay in Turkey may differ if your situation is complicated and needed more fixing than only crooked teeth. If your case requires a pre-treatment surgery such as:

  • Extraction: If you have cavities and your tooth needs to be extracted, this process must be taken care of before clear braces.

  • Deep cleaning: Dense plaque and tartar removal and bacteria extraction from gingival lines.
  • Class 3 cases: If the forward-placed jaw or molar doesn’t meet with the upper teeth, you need to undergo treatment.

Then it will only take extra few days depending on the complexity of dental surgery. After when your dentist/orthodontist hands you your package, it’s safe to say you can go back to your home sweet home.

Usually applying aligners takes different durations, but if the situation is less complicated and your teeth are clean with no decay, tartar, or gingival inflammation, then it will last majorly less time. For example if your case was only a matter of crowded teeth, then your treatment time will be in average of 6-8 months.

In case of severe damage along with extreme misalignment, then it can take to around 18 months to achieve well-ordered teeth.

If you need implants, this dental procedure is done after your orthodontic treatment as your tooth roots will be replaced during orthodontic treatment.

How often do I need to come back?

Technically, once you get your aligners, the entire process can be done in one sitting. However, during this treatment, you need to come back at least 3 times. During your treatment period, all you need to do is to change the aligners after two weeks.

Although there are revisits after 6-8 weeks, it won’t be that necessary if you are consistent in using your braces day and night.

This will help the dentist to know any differences in measures of tooth movement, and also do oral cleaning if needed. This dental care might not be free, but it is part of the treatment process. Moreover, you will guarantee the efficiency of the braces and a beautiful smile.

What can I do if I don’t know Turkish?

There is no issue when it comes to language barriers, there are always bilingual or polyglot assistants or even the doctors themselves mostly speak English. And it is unlikely to face difficulties on that subject. Worst case scenario, you will have to express yourself through Google translate.

Turkey is a land of wonder and welcomes millions of visitors each year. It won’t be wise enough to attract people to visit Turkey and not speak the visitor’s language. Rest assured you’ll be in good hands. Your orthodontist will make sure you leave the office well-acknowledged on how to maintain the use case of the aligners. That way you will get your straight teeth with a beautiful smile.


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