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Innovative Dentistry

We are committed to staying on top of emerging technologies and highly sophisticated techniques in dentistry. It is our pleasure and highest priority to provide comprehensive, patient-centered dental care by cultivating innovative growth and a forward-thinking mindset at our modern clinic. 



Personalized Care

At Dentfix, we employ a holistic approach and recognize that each patient is an individual with different needs, demands, and priorities. Therefore, our friendly team ensures a cozy and calm atmosphere at our clinic where each patient feels valued.


Feel in Safe Hands

Crafting healthy smiles while conserving the natural beauty of your teeth requires precision, profound experience, and dexterous skills. Our professional dentists and staff strictly adhere to international dental standards, and regulations implemented by the government.

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Dentfix Values Your Oral

and Dental Health

Preventive Dentistry Services

Preventive dental care is essential to keep your teeth healthy throughout your life by identifying and providing solutions for dental problems early to avoid the risks of developing cavities, enamel loss, or inflammation of gums such as gingivitis, and periodontitis. Routine preventive dental care and good oral health practices will ensure a healthy smile. 

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

The aim of cosmetic dentistry is to help you achieve a dazzling smile while dealing with the aesthetic appearance of your teeth by addressing and correcting problems related to your gums and the color, contour, ratio, and balance of your teeth with each other with minimal intervention.

Restorative Dentistry Services

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dental care involving effective treatment methods with long-lasting results that alleviate the pain, restore the functioning of your dentition by treating the decayed, damaged, or fractured teeth or replacing the missing teeth in your mouth, and improve the aesthetics of your smile. 

Personalized Dental Care for Each Patient


As your trustworthy companion throughout your dental care journey, you can be rest assured of the excellent quality of our comprehensive services, all tailored for your needs. Our patient’s wishes are always our top priority. 



Dental Healthcare


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Offering Full-Service Dentistry for Patients of All Ages

 At Dentfix, we offer a comprehensive range of oral and dental healthcare services for you and your family. The quality of the materials we use is unparalleled, whilst employing the safest practices for more than a decade. We believe that ensuring the comfort of our patients is an essential pillar of our business.  We have expanded this notion with our professional team who arrange every detail of your journey, accommodation and experience.



“I came to Turkey for hair transplantation and heard about this clinic. At first i was like “okay let’s give a try” and i couldn’t be happier about the result. There was a gap in my mouth and i have implant for 2 sessions; painless procedure, friendly doctor and excellent result: the best version of natural looking. Highly recommended.”

Yannick Meyer

“I wanted Hollywood smile but the doctors explained me the importance of preserving my teeth, and they put my teeth very good shape with small touches. It turns out i didn’t need the whole renovation. Thank you very much, especially my dentist for being really kind and patient, he showed me completely different way to go and it was much better.”

Dorothy Murphy

“They picked us up from airport with fancy car and translator who was explaining the procedure all the time. The hotel was really good, the clinic was posh and super clean, dentists were kind and friendly. It was an A quality service from head to toe, and still the prices were unbelievably cheap! And now I have totally brand new smile!”

Chris Günther

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